What do you do? I shoot food. I shoot chefs. I shoot anything related to the hospitality industry.

Why did you get into photography? I had a darkroom epiphany.

Education: Zone System (Google it), 4x5 sheet film (Google it), Polaroid (It's coming back), the real world, BFA in Photography, assisted for years. Life.

Favorite Restaurant: One that pays their invoices. For actual recommendations for food, see Extra Info.

Guests at last supper: Anyone who can cook, oh, and Betty Crocker. She must have been hot back in the day.

Craziest shoot: In-N-Out Burger editorial shoot, hands down!

Are you a foodie? I eat. I enjoy life. Therefore, I like to enjoy what I eat. I don't find my identity in any other word other than photographer.

Favorite sandwich: Go see Vivian on Isla Mujeres at Cubano. Best. Cuban sandwich. Ever.

Clients: Yes, I like them and have them. I have recently enjoyed working with Hellmann's Mayonaise, Thomas' English Muffins, Celebrated Living, Bone Daddy's, Stephan Pyles, Wolfgang Puck Catering, Texas Monthly, and Cinergy Cinemas.

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